Soweto Gcin'Amanzi Project

Project Name: Soweto Gcin’Amanzi Project

Project Date: July 2004 to March 2008

Product Description:
Operation Gcin’amanzi, a massive R880-million Johannesburg Water project to upgrade ageing infrastructure in Soweto, is aimed at improving service delivery by upgrading municipal water reticulation pipes and fixing leaking in-house plumbing fixtures that contribute to the loss of water in the township.

Project Details:
Design & construction contracts. Each superblock about 10 000 stands. Design new discreet Blocks for water control & monitoring. Upgrade water supply. Install Erf & Yard connections. Install Pre-paid meters. Retro-fit each stand (plumbing). Install Bulk Meters per Block. All work done by local sub-contractors (SMME’s) & local labour (EPWP) – SB1 (Stands 11903), SB7A (Stands 9104), SB6 (Stands 8617) & SB10 (Stands 13200)
(63mm to 200mm dia x 30000m (SB1), x58000m (SB7A), x 22000m (SB6) & x 12550m (SB10).

Project Value: R188 Million

Johannesburg Water
Community Engineering Services (CES)

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