Pande Development Project

Project Name: Flow Line Piping Installation for Pande Devolpment Project

Project Date: November 2006 to August 2008

Project Description:
The project, will bring natural gas to South Africa during the first half of 2004. Natural gas will also enable local industry to use the latest technology, which has been steadily moving to pipeline gas as an environmentally friendly energy carrier. Sasol will enable the project by converting its existing pipeline gas market to natural gas, switching its Sasolburg plants from coal to gas as well as taking gas into Secunda to supplement coal-based growth there.

Project Details:
45km trunk line of 750mm diameter from Pande to Temane
70km of steel pipelines of varying diameter (24″ to 8″ diameter) from gas wellheads to a Manifold at Pande

Project Value: R200 Million

Sasol Gas

Foster Wheeler