AC Replacement Project

Project Name: AC Replacement Project South

Project Date: August 2007 to July 2010

Project Description:
The project aims to replace 2800km of asbestos cement pipes with modified polyvinyl chloride (mPVC) pipe, thereby ensuring the reliability of water supply. The project is expected to reduce water loss by an estimated 10.6%.
The old AC pipes will be replaced with in most areas. However in the CBD High Density Polyethylene Pipes (HDPE) pipes are being used, because this type of material is more suited to the trenchless technology methods being used.

Project Details:
Replacement of the secondary AC (undipped 150mm diameter and smaller pipelines with uPVC pipe lines and the replacement of the domestic connections from the saddle on the new main to the foot of the riser of the house hold meters in HDPE pipework

Project Value: R 500 Million

Ethekwini Water and Sanitation

CBI Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd