SHEQ Policies

An unwavering commitment to best practice safety, health, environment and quality principles has seen this strategy implemented throughout WK Construction.

Safety is non-negotiable, and WK Construction has implemented systems to manage and measure operational risks throughout the organisation. Training is focused on the safe execution of all activities, whether office based or on a site, and the commitment to this is driven from the top of the company.

The health and well being of all employees is considered important, and education forms a vital component ensuring that all have access to information.

WK Construction focuses on the use of environmentally responsible best practice and its strong environmental management policies underscore its commitment to ensuring the maintenance of a healthy and sustainable environment.

The company is committed to delivering quality products and services in full compliance with all contractual requirements. WK Construction’s management system is anchored in the principles of ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Safety, health, environment and quality management is all controlled at an executive level.

Safety & Occupational Health
Through leadership and individual commitment, we continue to focus on improving the safety and occupational health of our employees and others associated with our operations. WK Construction has implemented systems to manage and measure our operational risks, enabling us to:

• Entrench safety as a core value

• Identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors, partners, and communities

• Strive to achieve and surpass industry best practice

• Meet and exceed all legal and other requirements

We realise that construction inevitably impacts on the environment, however we have made it one of our core objectives to ensure the maintenance of a healthy and sustainable environment both onsite and in our regional offices.

To minimize our effect on the environment we strive to:

• Encourage subcontractors and suppliers to use environmentally responsible practices

• Commit to the prevention of pollution and strive to ensure continuous improvement in environmental policy

• Take into consideration the environmental concerns of our customers and the communities we operate in

• Monitor and modify our environmental management policies through the active review and audit of environmental performance